Monday, November 12, 2007

TLT ~ Rebellion Committee List Updated!

Here is the updated Rebellion Committee List. If there needs to be any changes, please let me know and I’ll edit it as soon as possible. This isn’t the completed draft yet since we still haven’t had the Headcount to see who is still interested in the novel and how some members will be a part of the Rebellion yet.

Legend: * = current NPC

Troy & Allies:

1) Arynthya: Leader/Organizer of the Rebellion
2) Adeia: Second-in-Command of the Rebellion under Arynthya, and Diplomat to Lycia
3) Helen: Rebellion Coordinator and Spy for Troy
4) Creusa: Rebellion Coordinator
5) *Polyxena: Rebellion Coordinator
6) *Adara: Rebellion Coordinator
7) Astyanax: Co-leader of the Trojan Military Forces with Keraunos
8) *Keraunos: Co-leader of the Trojan Military Forces with Astyanax
9) *Kalone: Leader of the Amazon Military Forces
10) Camane: Amazon warrior
11) Alkaia: General and Second-in-Command of the Amazon Military Forces
12) Lukios: Leader of the Lycian Military Forces
14) Erigone: Spy for Troy in Greece
15) Iltani: Prophetess in Troy
16) Shabanu: Prophetess and Diplomat to the Eastern Allies of Troy
17) Efrendarius: Spy for Troy
18) Mather: Spy for Troy
19) Kora: Diplomat between Trojan Thieves and Rebellion Leaders, and Spy for Troy
20) Masika: Iltani’s personal scribe

Sparta & Allies:

1) Oded: Leader of the Mycenae Military Forces
2) Valandra: Spy and Conspirator in Sparta and Mycenae
3) Ianessa: Spy and Conspirator in Sparta and Mycenae
4) Chrysothemis: Conspirator?
5) Alkaia: Amazon Rebel/Conspirator supported by the Greeks
6) Telephassa: Valandra's personal envoy/messenger
7) *Menelaus: Leader of the combined Military Forces of the Aegean
8) *Odysseus: Leader of the Ithacan Military Forces and Conspirator

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