Friday, November 23, 2007

TLT Headcount ~ December 2007

I’m finally sick of having so many members in TLT that do nothing while we work our butts off posting, organizing, and keeping storylines going even while we’re busy with our own lives too. So, since I had the time, I was inspired to work on that headcount we’ve been planning for months. I wanted to post it here in case I need to edit or add anything before sending the novel wide message.

The time has come again for another headcount. All those interested in continuing being an active, contributing member of The Last Trojan, you have one month – the end of December – to reply to this Headcount Thread. Any member that doesn’t reply on the linked thread will be removed. Those interested in rejoining after being removed will be on a temporary probation to see how active and committed they will be.


1) How long should the probation be?
2) Are there any other conditions that needed to be mentioned?


Adeia said...

I think this is exactly what TLT needs, Ary! I think you worded the message well. As for how long the probation is, I'd say a month, which would give them enough time to gets their acts together.

Other conditions: If there is any reason as to why members couldn't reply to the headcount in time, these should be considered individually. A member who was, let's say, unable to access a computer during our headcount time will have to explain the exact reasons to a MoB, and may have their probation shortened?

Arynthya said...

I love your ideas! How long should the shortened probation be for those who have limited computer access?

Adeia said...

Maybe a week or two weeks?

Arynthya said...

Two weeks sounds best since 1) one week is too short and 2) two weeks is half a month since the normal probation is one month.