Sunday, October 14, 2007

Allies of Troy

Yay! I finally have time to post here. Kora and Erishti are both allies of Troy. As are any other character I may create in the future. :)

TLT ~ Rebellion Committee List

Since Deia has been nagging (yes, nagging!!!) me about this, here is the new version of the Rebellion Committee List! Some members aren’t listed because I didn’t know what specific role they wanted to play in the rebellion. I used what information I have, so if there needs to be any corrections or additions, please let me know. Btw, I included some NPCs because they are really important in our current storyline, although eventually they can be weeded out of the rebellion when the chances arise.

Legend: * = current NPC

Troy & Allies:

1) Arynthya: Leader/Organizer of the Rebellion
2) Adeia: Second-in-Command of the Rebellion under Arynthya and Diplomat to Lycia
3) Helen: Rebellion Coordinator and Spy for Troy
4) Creusa: Rebellion Coordinator
5) *Polyxena: Rebellion Coordinator
6) *Adara: Rebellion Coordinator
7) Astyanax: Co-leader of the Trojan Military Forces with Keraunos
8) *Keraunos: Co-leader of the Trojan Military Forces with Astyanax
9) *Kalone: Leader of the Amazon Military Forces
10) Camane: Amazon warrior
11) Alkaia: General and Second-in-Command of the Amazon Military Forces
12) Lukios: Leader of the Lycian Military Forces
14) Erigone: Spy for Troy in Greece
15) Iltani: Prophetess in Troy
16) Shabanu: Prophetess and Diplomat to the Eastern Allies of Troy
17) Efrendarius: Spy for Troy
18) Mather: Spy for Troy

Sparta & Allies:

1) Oded: Leader of the Mycenae Military Forces
2) Valandra: Spy and Conspirator in Sparta and Mycenae
3) Ianessa: Spy and Conspirator in Sparta and Mycenae
4) Chrysothemis: Conspirator?
5) Alkaia: Amazon Rebel/Conspirator supported by the Greeks
6) *Menelaus: Leader of the combined Military Forces of the Aegean
7) *Odysseus: Leader of the Ithacan Military Forces and Conspirator
8) *Telephassa: Valandra's personal envoy/messenger

Saturday, October 6, 2007

TLT ~ the Rebellion

Since we need to get the rebellion going, let’s talk about ideas on how to get the rebellion moving faster. I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for months now but the main problem has been that most of our members are inactive, which is about to change with the headcount and gaining more active members. However, those aren’t just the only factors that are holding us back.

As Deia has pointed out, we need to brainstorm ideas so we know what we’re going to do next in the rebellion. We can’t get the rebellion going without having some clue about what’s going to happen next. I recall Deia mentioning that posts we need to do include: Arynthya getting Helen involved in the rebellion soon and that we should have some kind of secret meeting to plain and organize the rebellion, such as deciding who is going to play what role in the rebellion (like who is going to be a spy and such). Right, oh, and is there anything else that I forgot to mention, Deia?

P.S. Since I’m on break, I’ll have more time to organize Cast Lists, such as the Rebellion Committee List, which I’ll be posting here soon enough.

TLT ~ Headcount

Deia, you shall get your wish! (She wanted The Secret Temple of the Bibliophile Knights to be used more and it will since we have a lot of organizing to do for our novels). Originally I was going to start TLT’s second headcount in October but since I was so busy with school I never got fully done organizing in time. Now that we have somewhere private to discuss such matters, I think it very appropriate to discuss the headcount.

First off ~ how much time allotted for headcount?
* Is one month long enough?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welcome Knights!

I guess a few explanations are in order for why we've set up our own little spot away from Pan. The main reason is that we needed a place where we could discuss issues with our novels and do our MoBly duties freely. None of us could afford a Salon at Pan, so this off-site blog seems like the best solution.

Why the name? It developed from Ary's idea, Bibliophile Knights (I don't remember where this came from, but it was first suggested when we were discussing ideas for a Salon name at Pan a few months ago), and I embellished it a little, with a nod to the Knight's Templar.

What will we do here? We can discuss novel and character planning in a private environment, which is good in case you're planning something interesting and want input but don't want to spoil the surprise for novel readers. Our main topics will be TLT, KoC, and L'Affaire, but other novels can come into it too (it's not like we're forbidding any other discussion...I'm sure there will be plenty of room for digression occassionally).

Anyway, these are just my conceptions of what we'll use this place for...anyone can suggest their ideas!

//EDIT: I think it might be a good idea to post a small picture at the beginning of the post like I have to identify ourselves more easily...what do you guys think?