Monday, January 28, 2008

TLT ~ Headcount Question

Should we redo the headcount? If so, then when? I still have everything saved from the last headcount; it’s just all the time and effort that needs to be put into sending the messages and removing members that don’t reply to it that needs to be done. I want to move forward once again and we can’t really do that without knowing who wants to be actively involved. Once that is cleared up, we can move onto the fun stuff, like passing out gems and such.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of Bethlem and Charles Rutland~ Alice Post L'Affaire

Alice sat in front of the fire place poking the coals to keep the fire going. It had turned from summer to winter so fast. She wished it were still summer and not winter. Winter was her least favorite time of the year.

Since her nightmare, Alice had been very alert and on the brink of running away every five minutes. She was terribly afraid someone would find out that she had been in an insane asylum. If someone did find out, she would be no worst off then she had been in England and they could possibly throw her right back in Bethlem.

It wasn’t her fault she was thrown into Bethlem and stated insane. She sighed and poked the coals a little bit harder. Maybe she just needed to stop worrying about the whole thing. She was thousands of miles away from England. There where very few people who knew her in France. She knew Jasper had no idea that she had been in the asylum and the only person who did know was her mother. Her mother was going to be one of the last people to admit that Alice was in Bethlem.

She sighed and sank back on he heals watching the fire roar to life wishing all kinds of horrible things on Charles Manners 4th Duke of Rutland. If only she had known that refusing his marriage would cause her such grief. She shook her head. No one here in the courts of France knew who Charles was. So she was safe. At least she prayed silently that she was safe. She slowly stood up.

Even if someone did know of Charles, she doubted the Duke of Rutland would have mentioned that he threw someone into Bethlem. She slowly rubbed the side of her head. It wasn’t her fault she had visions of what her life would have been like with Charles. She wished she had never told him about the visions. Having visions was bad.

Alice slowly walked over to the window and watched the snow come down in huge flakes, spreading a blanket of white through out the world. For the second time she wondered what her mistress would think of her, if Lady Adelaide knew her past. Would her mistress send her back to Bethlem, or worst yet, would she throw her into an asylum in France? Could anywhere be worst the Bethlem had? She frowned.

Thinking was not a good past time for her these days. She needed to find some sort of hobby. Perhaps, she should take up painting. Lord knew there were plenty of painters and artist in France. Surely she could find someone to teach her.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A strange night filled with confusing thoughts and tears (Kaif and Laila Post for KOC)

Laila was so lost in memories from the past that she did not see Kaif when he entered into his tent. Nor did she look up from the pendant she was tracing so softly with her fingers. She sat there on the mats like a silent, sad shadow. Her sadness was overwhelming the already darkening tent. Tears spilled silently from her cheeks and she hugged her knees a little tighter for the pain inside of her was growing so fierce she felt that she was going to die.

When her master entered, he first noticed that, despite a number of hours having passed since he had left, she was still seated in the same place, in nearly the same position. Outside, the sky was nearly dark, and Laila was motionless in the darker still interior. A little longer and she might have been sitting in complete darkness. Though the tent flaps had rustled behind him as he entered, she made no move to acknowledge his presence. Her eyes were fixed downwards, her hand making small, circular movements which Kaif could not quite understand in the darkness.

He stepped across the soft carpets strewn on the floor, reaching the small, flimsy table opposite his bed, upon which sat a lamp of burnished bronze. It was only when he lit it that the girl reacted.

As he turned around, he saw that her left fist was clenched tightly against the cushion, as though holding something which she did not want him to see. As her master, of course, it was well within his power to demand to see it. By all rights, he should have: it might have been a weapon which she had tucked into her skirt, or a vial of poison she intended to sneak into his cup. But he refrained, and wordlessly, sunk to the mat upon which his bed was made, almost mirroring her position.

Laila slowly lifted her eyes up towards her master’s and back down to her hand were she clutched the small pendant. She swallowed hard and blinked back the tears which fell so readily down her pale cheeks and slowly whipped them away. She softly tucked her feet under her as she watched her master like a hawk, ready to block any blow he might send her way.

It took some time for her eyes to adjust to the light, but once they did, she saw that Kaif sat on his bed mirroring her position. It was clear he had no intentions of hurting her at all. She gave him a small surprised and questioning look. Though, she hardly expected him to answer. She lowered her eyes once again as the tears came back to her eyes, making her vision blur and all thoughts of Kaif seemed to disappear as she again found herself lost in her memories, while she once again traced the pendant.

The brief look they had exchanged unsettled Kaif, as he watched her turn her attention to whatever it was in her hand. She had been expecting him to act more like he should be; like a man who had been on campaign and had not known a woman for months. She was, after all, his concubine, her sole purpose to please him. Kaif's eyes focused on the bedding, thinking how long it had been since it had covered more than one. With a mild unease, he realised that, aside from his narrow mat, there was nowhere for her to sleep. But she seemed comfortable enough in her corner, he thought sardonically, so really she could remain there if she wished. He had no reason to worry.

If he really thought about it, he could feel desire for her. But thoughts of her probable treachery prevented him from exercising his right to touch her. He did not trust himself sufficiently to say with any confidence that power over his desires would not translate to power over him.

“What do you have in your hand?” he asked flatly.

Laila jumped when Kaif finally spoke and stared up at him through her tears. She looked down at her pendant and back up at her master. Reluctantly she opened her small, frail hands holding out the only thing she had left of her old life. The only thing she had left of him. She desperately hoped Kaif wouldn’t take it from her or think that she had stolen it. The tears fell back down her cheeks as she laid the small beautiful sea stone in front of her, for Kaif to take if he desired.

She felt what little was left in her heart break slowly off in full expectations of the necklace being taken away. Of the memory she clung to being stolen away like everything else in her life had. She did not lift her eyes from her hands which felt so empty. Nor did she move from her position. She was a dying shadow on a wall and nothing more.

Leaning forward, Kaif looked at the curious object inquisitively. It looked to be a piece of jewelry, but like none he had ever seen. “What is it?” he asked his brow furrowing.

Laila slowly lifted her teary eyes up towards Kaif’s and stared at him. He wasn’t going to steal the pendant away from her, at least not yet. He wanted to know about the necklace instead? She gave Kaif the exact same curious look that he gave her pendant.

“A…A..Stone from…the sea…” Laila said through her tears as she lowered her eyes. “It was a gift.” She added the last bit just so he wouldn’t think she stole it, and she spoke so truthfully that it would be hard not to believe her.

It was only as her voice broke that Kaif realized she had been crying. He frowned. She did not need to tell him who gave the gift to her. It was plain enough to see, from the depth of her attachment to it, that it had been a gift from a lover. But Kaif could not comprehend why this irritated him. Why should it matter to him that his concubine’s heart belonged to another?

“Put it away,” he said tersely, surprised with his abruptness. He ran a hand through his curly hair, wishing he had been less snappish. “It would be a shame to lose it.”

Slowly, Laila took her necklace and tucked it back into her hand. She really had no where else to put it and then she stared softly at Kaif. She had fully expected him to take it away from her and was completely taken by surprise when he did not. She looked around the tent and then back at Kaif for a moment wondering what to do next.

She expected Kaif to want to take her into his bed as was his right. She was his concubine after all. Yet, this didn’t really seem to be happening and she was slightly confused by it. She had no idea what was expected of her. She was not used to being a concubine or a bed slave. She was used to being nothing more then a thing used when wanted and thrown away when not wanted. She slowly frowned down at her bare toes, feeling very confused and a little less frightened for some reason which confused her more.

He sensed her growing confusion at his behavior. Breathing deeply, he stood up, making his way towards the table. “I am afraid a bed has not been prepared for you,” he said, talking more into the lamp than anything. What was he saying? She was a slave, not a princess, for God’s sake…

She looked at him bewilderedly, seeming quite unsure how to respond. He traced the grain of the table with his forefinger. “I do not wish your discomfort.”

Laila stared silently at her master and then down at the cushions and back towards his bed. Then back towards the cushions she sat on. She was very comfortable in her little corner on these elegant cushions. In fact, she guessed she could even sleep were she was. She could not believe that her master did not want her to be uncomfortable. Turbert had wanted her to be uncomfortable. She looked up at Kaif.

“I can sleep here on the cushions if it pleases you sir.” She said for the first time saying something on her own accord wondering if perhaps she displeased him somehow and frowning just a little on the thought. It would not do for her to displease her master.

Kaif was not sure if this arrangement did please him. But he relented, feeling deeply tired for the first time that evening. “It is dark outside,” he observed, without actually being able to see the night sky. “I am very weary. Would you mind if I put the lamp out?”

Laila herself felt very tired and shook her head as she lay down on the cushions. She watched as her master turned out the lamp. Still very surprised that Kaif had not taken her to bed with him. After all, wasn’t that what a concubine was for? However, she also understood how tired he must be and was grateful for the fact that he did not want her in his bed. She herself was still very tired from her journey. She had not slept well in Saladin’s tent being to afraid of what Kaif was going to be like and what Saladin could do to her.

She did not understand why she felt tired enough to sleep tonight nor did she understand why she even dared to feel safe enough to sleep. She supposed she felt safe because Kaif had yet to harm her. Though that did not mean he would.

Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the tent she looked over at her master and yawned sleepily. For a moment she looked as if she was going to say something however she decided against it. She had already spoken once out of place and it would not do to repeat the offense.

Kaif, still standing by the table, watched the girl settle herself into her makeshift bed. Realizing he lingered unnecessarily, he returned to his own bed. It was not long before he drifted off into a regretful sleep.

Laila herself eventually drifted off to a sleep filled with nightmares and dreams of forgotten memories. Though she slept, through the night it was almost as if she did not sleep at all.

Stay With me~ Dont leave me ~ Laila Post KOC

Laila watched her new master leave the tent as she stayed huddled in the corner with her knees up and her chin to her knees. Her fair skin showed underneath her clothing and she winced uncomfortably. At least her new master had yet to hurt her. Tubert would have either raped her or harmed her in another way by now. Tubert also would not have left so fast. For a little while, Laila sat in the corner waiting for Lord Kaif to return even though he had said he would not return until night fall. When she realized he was not coming, she slowly stood up and wandered around the tent. As a child she had loved to explore new places and even has a young adult she had loved to explore. Tubert had taken away everything she had loved to do. Tubert had taken Laila’s very soul away and she half wondered if she would ever get it back again.

Wandering over to the mats, Laila sat back down. Once again she brought her knees up and aimlessly played with the trim on the bottom of her cloak. She didn’t have any other clothing to wear but what was given to her.

Standing in front of a waterfall in the rain, Laila held tightly onto her fiancé’s hands.. “ Stay with me.” She whispered as he traced her lips gently. “ Don’t leave me.” Her eyes were filled with tears she loved him so fiercely that it hurt. She had built her whole world around this man and had fallen madly in love with him. She looked deeply into his eyes. “ Please, don’t leave.”

“It’s only for the night Laila.” The man said softly his strong hands on her cheeks. “We wont be parted for more then two days.”

“But what if we never see each other again?” She asked uncertainly, leaning in closer to him.

“Laila, I am only going into Glastonbury, what can possibly happen that would separate us so severally?” The man asked gently as he brought her in closer to him, wrapping his big strong arms around her.

“I’ve had such horrible nightmares the past few days. Fire raining from the skies and such horrible screams. Please, don’t leave me. Dreams like that are never a good omen.” Laila said drawing closer into her fiancé’s arms.

“Sh… It will be alright. Dreams are only just that.” The man whispered softly brushing his hands through her hair. “I promise that we will be together again tomorrow night.” The man said as he gently let her go. “This was my mother’s. Keep it safe for when I return.” He whispered giving her a beautiful sea stone made of fine glass and crystals. Laila knew how much the item meant to her fiancé and she clutched it closely as she watched him go. Not wanting him to leave. She fell to her knees tears spilling from her eyes afraid of never seeing him again. Even though the promise of tomorrow was near.

Tiny tears spilled down her cheeks as Laila opened her hands and let the silver chain fall that held the sea stone pendant in her hand. Somehow she had kept it hidden from Turbert and Saladin. The slave traders even Kaif.

He was still out there, that much she was certain of. Though the hope that he would find her had vanished a long time ago, Laila clung to the memories she had of him. She silently traced she pendant as she had so many times since that night.

“Don’t leave me…” She whispered so softly tracing the stone. She could almost see his face and feel his strong arms around her. She could hear his gentle, warm voice. Her mind was so lost in a trance of long ago memories that she did not notice how much time had past. Nor noticed who came in and out of the tent. For a small amount of time, she was back at the waterfall in Glastonbury wishing for him to return.

( Written to Stay With Me by Danity Kane)

KoC: (Kaif & Laila) Between A Master and Slave

Kaif’s tent felt strangely foreign to him when he returned. He had been absent for barely a day, having left only the previous evening. It felt like a lifetime ago. So much had happened within such a small space of time, that he felt profoundly changed. Little less than a day ago, he would have felt grateful for the tent’s generous shade, its calm interior and luxurious light furnishings. Now, it all seemed so vain and futile to have such extravagance as silk and porcelain in a tent made for war. Irritated, Kaif fastened the tent flaps shut again.

A basin of water had been prepared for him, and fresh clothes arranged on his bed. Kaif felt impatient to get out of his uncomfortable servant’s disguise, which was coarse and itchy. The light silk leggings and shirt which were laid out for him seemed more inviting than ever. Removing the heavy tunic, he splashed his face with the cool water in the basin, regretting that he did not have the time to bathe properly.

Drying his face with a towel, he heard women’s voices beyond the tent’s entrance. He paused to listen.

“Go in now,” said a gentle, older woman’s voice. “You can wait until Lord Kaif arrives.”

The flaps were unfastened, and the two women appeared at the opening. Both seemed rather taken aback that he was present. The older one, who had spoken before, wore an astonished expression.

Laila stood very still as a gentle breeze blew her silk skirts around her legs. Her hands were folded in front of her and her eyes were to the ground. She did not dare look up at her new master, especially as they were unannounced. He could easily whip her for coming unannounced and early. She felt fear pulse through her veins as she heard Shaadiya speak.

“I am terribly sorry your highness. Shall we go and come back after you have washed and rested?” Shaadiya spoke carefully.

“No, it is quite alright. It was I who was early,” explained Kaif, reaching for the silk tunic. “Please, stay.”

Laila looked up at Shaadiya as the older woman gently nodded and squeezed her hand.

“It will be alright.” Shaadiya spoke softly only for Laila to hear.

Kaif watched as the woman reached forward and pulled the silk robe away from her shoulders. Beneath it, she wore a thin shift which bared her arms and most of her legs. Silhouetted against the strong sunlight from outside, the outline of her form was plainly visible. He could see the curvature of her waist as her arms dropped awkwardly to her sides. Her eyes stared down uncomfortably.

The chaperone gently nudged her forward and, her duty done, turned on her heel and left the tent, the flaps rustling behind her.

Laila frowned and bit her lip to keep back tears. She was alone in the tent with her new master and had no one to protect her should something happen. This had all happened before and she was deathly afraid. She did not look up at Kaif nor did she move from her spot.

She stood meekly near the tent entrance, seemingly clinging to the minute freedom offered by her proximity to the only way for escape. Her large eyes were downcast, her body suspended in a pose not unlike that of a frightened gazelle, ready to flee. It was clear to Kaif that she was terrified. It puzzled him, somewhat, to see her express her apprehension so readily. He rethought his previous conviction that she was the spy, but remained vigilant, and cautiously reminded himself that there was a very real chance that this pretty girl was the Hashshashin spy sent to undermine his position.

“You may sit,” he suggested, hoping that she might raise her eyes an inch so that he could examine them. She obeyed quickly and quietly, keeping her eyes lowered.

Kaif finished dressing as discreetly as he could. Looking to his new slave again, he examined her nervous posture. “I hope you are comfortable? You look well; I assume you have been taken care of?”

Laila did not lift her eyes from the ground as she sat down. Her hands were folded in front of her. She was a bit stunned that he had yet to raise his voice or hand at her and she was ever so tempted to look at him, though she did not dare. She weighed each question he asked carefully before she spoke.

“Y...Yes master.” She replied her voice cracking. When did she become so scared and nervous? She wondered. A long time ago she would have had a firm and strong voice. Not a scared child’s voice. She chewed the bottom of her lip to keep from crying.

“Please, don’t be afraid. Look at me. What is your name?”

Laila jumped a little when her master told her not to be afraid of him. When he told her to look at him, she closed her eyes, then she opened them and took a deep breath. A slave wasn’t supposed to look at their masters. That had been drilled into her mind and her soul. However, a slave was also to obey its master’s wishes. She was did not want to break any of the rules of slavery. So, she very timidly lifted her dark eyes up towards her master’s.

“Laila,” she said in a frightened voice, half expecting him to pull the whip out on her. He returned her gaze firmly, but made no move to strike or punish her.

“Laila,” he repeated, certain that the name was given to her by a slave master; not her own. But Kaif did not press further. If she was a spy, then she was a reluctant one. If he won her confidence, he needn’t fear for his life.

“You look different,” he said, holding her gaze. “Dark of eyes yet fair of skin. How did you find yourself in the Holy Land?”

Her new master was not the only one who had noticed that she was different then most of the women in the harems and the Holy Land. She lowered her eyes back to her sandals and twisted her fingers in her lap.

“My master was a Templar Crusader who took me here with him and sold me to the slave trader.” She spoke truthfully. She was not used to speaking so much and she was a little surprised that her new master had not raised his hand at her yet.

“But you were not born a slave? Do you not yearn for freedom?” asked Kaif, hoping that the boldness of his question would not further intimidate her.

Now, Laila stared at her master with a stunned expression on her face. No one had ever asked her if she yearned for her freedom. Of course she wanted her freedom more then anything else in the world. She wanted to be home, in Glastonbury with her family and friends and her people. She wanted her life to make sense again. She knew that would never happen and once again she weighed her answer carefully before she spoke.

“I…I…I b.. Believe every slave yearns for freedom sir.” She stammered out and looked back down at the trim of her sandals. She was going to be beaten for sure now.

“I would give you freedom if I could, Laila,” said Kaif. “But it is not in my power. If I had a caged bird, who had been taken so far from her home that she had no chance of flying back to it, would it not be cruel to abandon her into the desert?” Kaif paused, watching her brown eyes widen.

“But even though you will be confined to my tent now, you are free to do as you please within it. You will find it a lonely home at worst—my duties with the siege will mostly prevent me from visiting during the day,” he finished, feeling that the less time he had with her, the less likely it was that she would gain any information which could compromise his position. But, while he wanted to distance her from himself as much as possible, he could not deny the logic of keeping her near, to watch her more closely. He doubted he could trust himself, however, not to fall prey to the girl’s fragile gaze and meek manners. He was already surprised at himself for having gone so far to comfort her. He was not so insensitive as he thought.

“The Sultan awaits my presence at the siege,” said Kaif, rising. “I must prepare, excuse me.”

As he stood up, his eyes fell upon the mantle of silk which the girl had entered wearing, lying discarded near her feet. He moved nearer, reaching for the garment, feeling it was unfair that he was fully clothed and she was not.

She seemed to draw away instinctively as he came near, but Kaif stopped, not wishing to be any nearer than necessary. He leaned down, offering her the robe. “I think you will feel more comfortable with this.”

His offer was met with a stunned expression and a moment’s inaction. Kaif had to dangle the garment before Laila gingerly reached for it. He turned around to allow her to dress herself, and to make himself ready to report for duty.

When he next turned around, he saw that she had retreated into the far corner of the tent, hiding her face behind her knees, the silk mantle of pale gold obscuring all but her uncertain eyes. He knew that those eyes had been watching him cautiously, because they had darted quickly towards the silk cushions around her, focusing on the delicate silver thread embroidery on them. The robe was wrapped tightly around her body, and she clung to it as though it might protect her from a lascivious master.

“I am not your last master,” he said, trying to adopt a comforting tone. “And whatever you experienced in his service, I doubt you ever will in mine.” He paused. “I see far too much fear every day. I would rather not see that same dread reflected in your eyes.”

It seemed to take Laila forever to work up the courage to speak. “I will try not to disappoint you, master.”

The Pan Piper News

From: Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp
Date: 1/14/2008 10:07:18 PM
Subject: [The Pan Piper] If it's not one thing it's another... IMPORTANT NEWS


Life is not running smoothly for Pan Historia this year. We were just
getting ready to put the site back on the new server as the old server
was performing way under par when I received this note from our
hosting company:


I just received a phonecall from my landlord who wants me to move my
servers out and vacate by the end of January. I believe I will be able
to get more time, but I'm telling you that I may not have a place to
put your servers, and I may actually be out of business soon. In an
emergency, I can put your servers on a friends T1 until you can find
other bandwidth, which is what I may be doing myself. But it may be
only temporary and you're going to need to find another place to put
your servers. I'm sorry for this abrupt notice, but I am telling you
only 30 minutes after I found out myself. I will do everything I can
to help you with this.


I realize that I had already announced that we were moving hosting
companies, but after further consideration of the costs and hassles we
had decided not to make the move right away, but rather to get Pan
online asap. However this email just received completely changes the
picture. The bright side of this news is that we will be going with a
new full support hosting company after all, though it will put a
strain on Pan's finances. However with the support of the community
and a concerted drive, when we are restored, to get new members we
should be able to weather this particular storm. I'm doing all I can
to expedite the choosing of a new hosting company.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pan Piper ~ Latest Pan Historia Update

Posted by: "Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp" wyattearpreally
Wed Jan 9, 2008 1:22 pm (PST)

The current status seems positive. Our systems administrator/ programming guru is hard at work restoring our systems.

After the site comes back up he will continue to work hard to build in several back up systems to further decrease the possibility of problems, including a mirror server.

At least our domain is up and running again with news updates (www.panhistoria. com).

People can still used Pan's Den at http://p208. bpansden where we have an active chat room going.

Also www.panerotica. us is working again, back to normal. Any intermittant access issues would be caused by the DNS resolving after the fix last night. Please remember this site is not suitable for younger members.

Hope to see you all on Pan soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being given away~ Laila~ KOC

Laila sat on the edge of her bed completely lost in thought as Shaadiya brushed her long hair into tiny braids. Laila’s small, pale hands were balled into fists and she kept chewing her bottom lip. Even Shaadiya’s soft, gentle humming didn’t calm her down. She was deathly afraid of her new master. What if he beat her? What if he forced her to do things she didn’t want to do? What if he was exactly like Turbert? What if he was Turbert?

That thought, nearly made her hurl, but she swallowed it down and closed her eyes. Feeling tears well up in them. She didn’t understand why she just couldn’t stay with the Sultan. At least he was a kind man and had done her no harm. She looked at Shaadiya for a second and then back down to her bare feet.

“ Laila.” Shaadiya said softly.“ Saladin would not give you away to a man he didn’t trust.” The older woman said ever so gently. “ Kaif is Saladin’s nephew. He will treat you just as kindly as Saladin has.”

“ What if he does not?” Laila crocked barely above a whisper. Shaadiya sighed and squeezed her hand.

“ He will. Not all men are as brutal as that Lord Turbert is. Oh yes we have all heard stories of him.”

“ He would like that.” Laila replied trying not to cry. Tubert would love the fact that people talked about him. He had often said he was the talk of the world, and that people knew his name. If people knew who he was, Laila knew it was because he was such a tyrant. She swallowed down more tears and turned to look at Shaadiya. “ What if I do not please him? Will he beat me the way Lord Tubert did? What if I…”

Shaadiya gently placed her finger on Laila’s lips and dried her tears with a handkerchief. “ Do not fret so darling you’ll only make yourself ill and that wont do now will it. “ You must remember that not all men are like Lord Tubert. I believe that your own father was hardly like Lord Tubert. I know you knew men in the land that you are from. You must have had some sort of lover. With as beautiful as you. Did they treat you the way Lord Tubert did?"

Laila frowned and slowly shook her head. She had not thought of her people in many years. Or at least, she had tried not to think of them. They were all dead anyway. Another tiny tear came to her eye but she brushed it away. She knew her father would be very disappointed in her if he could see her now and she prayed that he was not watching her from were he was.

“ No, my father was a kind, good man, even if he was a strong and strict leader. He wasn’t a tyrant.” It was the first time since her capture that Laila had spoken of her father. She turned to look up at Shaadiya as if she was going to say something else, but she thought better of it. She had not spoken so much in a long time and was half afraid of being beaten for it.

Shaadiya gently helped Laila stand up and twirled her around. The older woman smiled and nodded. “ Beautiful.” She said softly. “ I promise you, that he will not hurt you. You must learn to trust again and to not fear so much.” She said as she gently and slowly began to lead Laila to Kaif’s tent.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pan Piper ~ Another PH Update

Very Latest News on Pan Server Crisis 2008

Posted by: "Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp" wyattearpreally
Mon Jan 7, 2008 8:32 pm (PST)

We have finally decided that the reason for the prolonged down times when there is a problem with the server is the remote location and inaccessibility. We have taken the decision to move the server to a better location at this time since it will mean only one "Pan Vacation" as opposed to getting it going where it is and then switching it later to a different location. By relocating it our Mysterious and Serious Programmer Dude will be able to give us 24/7 support. This will add a day or two ONLY to the total time we are offline as most of that down time is due to trying to secure a safe back up of the system remotely. In future all such work can be done as easily as you would burn a CD. I'll let you know as we progress further.

Glade I live in Michigan. Sometimes.

Wow! Thanks for posting the bit from the pan piper. I havent had a chance to join it yet. I really do feel bad for those people who got stuck in that storm. It must be a really bad one. There are times I am glade I live in Michigan. I think this is one of them.

But I guess this means Pan could be down for at least another week. Maybe in this time, I'll finish reading my book and get some posts done. :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

TLT ~ Headcount & Cast Lists News

Even though you most likely already know this, I’ll just post it anyway to keep you updated. Now that the Headcount is over, I’ll be working on all the Cast Lists, which I’ve been slowly updating for a while now. I just mostly need to remove quite a few people, add a few, and probably gather some details from a few or more members, and then they’ll probably be done soon (I hope!). So, I’ll post them here sometime in the near future, which means more posts for us (here and at TLT!).

Pan Piper ~ Pan Historia Updates

I take it that neither of you have joined the Pan Piper and haven’t been getting Pan Historia updates, so I’ll post them here since our community has been quiet.

Current Status Report
Posted by: "Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp" wyattearpreally
Sun Jan 6, 2008 12:22 pm (PST)

Nothing is as simple as it first appears. Due to the severity of the storms in California, particularly in the Sierra Nevadas where the server is co-located at a small hosting company, there are several problems that will delay the return of Pan Historia for longer than previously anticipated. The backups did not perform as anticipated and so the rebuilding of the site is more complicated than previously anticipated. We don't expect any more serious setbacks however the conditions necessitate the tech guy be onsite to perform the needed repairs and technical functions. However storm conditions still prevail and so it might be a day or two before it's safe for him to travel. Once in situ his first priority will be to create a full backup of the site before messing with anything. Then it may take 1-3 days further, depending on the damage to the original server, before we're operating.

In other words - please be patient. I cannot authorize our Mysterious and Serious Programming Dude to risk life and limb for Pan Historia on hazardous mountain roads during blizzard conditions. I will continue to keep you informed as events unfold. Remember -we're the little minnow swimming in the big ocean of the internet.

Kaif post: Growing Suspicions

“Welcome back, Kaif,” said the Sultan, giving his nephew an encouraging pat on the shoulder. Kaif forced a smile in return, but found he had nothing to say.

“I will allow you a day’s rest. You seem very tired. After that, however, I expect you to return to your normal duties—that is, aiding the command of troops and so forth.”

“Thankyou, my lord,” returned Kaif, a little relieved that his uncle did not wish him to resume his duties as a spy. “And I will.”

“Now go rest. We will speak more once you are less weary.”

“But it is broad daylight, my lord. Surely there are more important things for me to do?”

“I suppose your superiors are expecting you to resume spying on me,” said the Sultan, looking at Kaif with a piercing stare, which was aimed more at his Hashshashin enemies than his innocent nephew. “So it might be advisable to keep yourself visible.”

“I have been meaning to tell you, my lord,” begun Kaif carefully. “I think they suspect my disloyalty. I am certain a spy has been placed to catch me out.”

The Sultan’s face grew a fraction grimmer. “Then you must be all the more vigilant,” he said simply. “Make sure you do and say nothing to compromise your position. And trust no-one.” He paused, eyeing Kaif warily. “Discover who it is as soon as you can, and find a way to eliminate him.”

Kaif did not say that he suspected very strongly that his spy was actually a woman, and that it was the Sultan’s own hand which had brought her there. He pressed his forehead into his hand, growing ever more uncertain about how to proceed.

The Sultan easily sensed his discomfort. “Do not worry so much, Kaif. There are more pleasant things to concern yourself with. Should I have the girl sent to your tent?”

“I…yes, my lord.”

“Good. Change into your own clothes, and I will expect you to report to my pavilion at the siege by the afternoon.”

Since Pan looks like it might be a while...

Why don't we use this community to keep up with posts? Joanna and I discussed rolling ahead with Laila and Kaif's storyline instead of waiting around being bored. So I think if there's any posts we can do while we're waiting, then at least it won't be a massive waste of time by the time Pan is working again.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making use of gems in TLT...

I've been thinking of a while that we haven't really used the gems feature as effectively as we could, so when Ary sent me a message about it a couple of days back, I realised it was about time we did something about it. So here is my proposal.
To encourage frequent posting (especially with our new members) I think we should start a competition for a month or so where writing a certain number of posts since the beginning of the competition earns you a different level of gem. For example, a member who has written 5 posts might get a Ruby, 10 posts might get a Sapphire, etc.

Now, here's what we need to discuss.

1) How long? We should give people ample time to get their gems...right now I'm thinking we won't have a cut-off date? So have the competition a permanent part of TLT? If anyone reaches the "diamond" stage, perhaps we make them a special plaque commemorating all their gems? Any other ideas on what they should get?

2) At what intervals does a writer receive gems? I was thinking we should start at 5 (or maybe less) to encourage people to go the mile. Should we do them at intervals of 5, or make them get harder as they go along? If we did make them harder as they went along, I think we should start easier than five....but I really don't know at this stage.

3) What order should the gems be given out? We might need to do some research on how the ones we have rank in order of value.