Monday, January 7, 2008

Kaif post: Growing Suspicions

“Welcome back, Kaif,” said the Sultan, giving his nephew an encouraging pat on the shoulder. Kaif forced a smile in return, but found he had nothing to say.

“I will allow you a day’s rest. You seem very tired. After that, however, I expect you to return to your normal duties—that is, aiding the command of troops and so forth.”

“Thankyou, my lord,” returned Kaif, a little relieved that his uncle did not wish him to resume his duties as a spy. “And I will.”

“Now go rest. We will speak more once you are less weary.”

“But it is broad daylight, my lord. Surely there are more important things for me to do?”

“I suppose your superiors are expecting you to resume spying on me,” said the Sultan, looking at Kaif with a piercing stare, which was aimed more at his Hashshashin enemies than his innocent nephew. “So it might be advisable to keep yourself visible.”

“I have been meaning to tell you, my lord,” begun Kaif carefully. “I think they suspect my disloyalty. I am certain a spy has been placed to catch me out.”

The Sultan’s face grew a fraction grimmer. “Then you must be all the more vigilant,” he said simply. “Make sure you do and say nothing to compromise your position. And trust no-one.” He paused, eyeing Kaif warily. “Discover who it is as soon as you can, and find a way to eliminate him.”

Kaif did not say that he suspected very strongly that his spy was actually a woman, and that it was the Sultan’s own hand which had brought her there. He pressed his forehead into his hand, growing ever more uncertain about how to proceed.

The Sultan easily sensed his discomfort. “Do not worry so much, Kaif. There are more pleasant things to concern yourself with. Should I have the girl sent to your tent?”

“I…yes, my lord.”

“Good. Change into your own clothes, and I will expect you to report to my pavilion at the siege by the afternoon.”

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Arynthya said...

Wonderful post! Well, I’m back to school so I don’t know how much posting I’ll be able to get done in the near future. Even though I only have Algebra homework tonight, which I’m not even tempted to do since I so want to switch out of that class, I have a terrible headache and not much of anything will probably come from me tonight.