Thursday, November 22, 2007

L’Affaire Dailies Advertisement

We need to organize L’Affaire’s dailies advertisement! How else are we going to get more active members? We need to decide what is going to be on the advertisement, who will be designing it, and such. It won’t be hard figuring this information out since we can use Deia’s brilliant DJ as a guide for the advertisement layout; we just need to do it instead of putting it off like we have been doing. I agree with Deia’s idea about featuring one Affaire at a time, perhaps weekly or monthly? Which Affaire should we feature first?

Originally when L’Affaire was first created, I had started to create what text was going to be on the advertisement, which I still have so I’ll post it here. We could still use one of the little poems I wrote for L'Affaire since only one has been used on the novel DJ. What do you think of this quote being on advertisement: "When women oppose themselves to the projects and ambition of men, they excite their lively resentment; if in their youth they meddle with political intrigues, their modesty must suffer." ~ Madame de Stael (Baronne Anne Louise Germaine de Stael-Holstein

If you have any other wonderful ideas, I’d love to hear them!


Adeia said...

I think I probably do have time to design the ad, butif you have time, Ary, you could do it too. Could you show me the text you had already thought of? And those little poems would be perfect too! So is the quote.

Featured Affaire: I'm not sure, what do we feel like?

Arynthya said...

Most of the text I had was from the novel DJ, so nothing was really new other than the quote I’ve already posted. Plus, you’ve already written mini bios for each Affair. So, that makes it a whole lot easier. Should we feature the most popular thread at the moment?

Adeia said...

Yeah, I was thinking that's how we should feature them. How do we judge the most popular thread, by the most posts within a four week period?

Arynthya said...

That sounds reasonable!