Monday, February 11, 2008

TLT Headcount Message

Important; please read! TLT Headcount ~ [insert month & year]

Greetings Dear Members!

The time has come again for another headcount. All those interested in continuing being an active, contributing member of The Last Trojan, you have one month – [insert date] – to reply to this Headcount Thread. Any member that doesn’t reply on the linked thread will be removed. Those interested in rejoining after being removed will be on a temporary probation for one month to see how active and committed they will be. If there is any reason as to why any member could not reply to the headcount in time, he or she shall be considered individually. For example, if a member has limited computer access during the headcount, he or she will have to explain to the MoBs the exact reason(s) and the probation shall be shorted to two weeks instead.

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