Friday, February 22, 2008

TLT ~ Novel Discussion

Although I still feel a bit dispassionate with PH, my MoBster tendencies have kicked back in a little bit. I think we should start a discussion on the planning boards – mostly concerning where we’re at in the rebellion and where we’re going on from here. Members might be confused on what’s going on, especially since we had a chunk of our novel erased, which could be discouraging members such as myself (I know it’s sad but it’s the truth!). If we do go through with this, when should we start the discussion? What exactly should we discuss? I hate to admit this but even I am confused on what to do next particularly. Yes, I am aware that a rebellion meeting between the major organizers is needed but what else?


Adeia said...

I echo your sentiments exactly, Ary. But right now my brain just isn't working, so I'll sleep on it. TLT has been frustrating me for a while now.

Joanna said...

I agree with Deia as well a your sentiments Ary. Though I've recently had some ideas or posts.

Arynthya said...

I apologize for my late reply. I should keep up on everything better but I’ve been getting lazier and lazier the sooner it is to spring break, which is a big no-no. *LOL*

The reason why I’m so concerned about this is because I knew that a few members are confused and unsure on what to do since Chrysothemis and Oded have told me, and ironically both have sort of taken a hiatus from TLT as well. What freaks me out even more is the fact that I feel the same way, except I can’t really take a hiatus whenever I want to.

Since we’re MoBs, we need to do something – anything right now is a whole lot better than doing nothing! I’m not just talking about posts I’m talking about the entire novel’s storylines. We need to see the big picture instead of just posting smaller parts while trying to figure out what the bigger picture is! The rebellion has been moving so slowly that it’s eventually going to loose interest and/or people are going to forget what they had originally planned.

If any of us have any bright ideas, we can always get them out in the open; however, having an open discussion sounds like the best idea since we could hear from our members (well, at least the active ones) and see what they think while promoting novel activity.

Storylines we need to deal with immediately (in relevance to Troy):
1) Kalone’s burial.
2) Crowning of the next Queens of the Amazons.
3) Rebellion meeting between the organizers and major players.

Anything else?