Saturday, October 6, 2007

TLT ~ the Rebellion

Since we need to get the rebellion going, let’s talk about ideas on how to get the rebellion moving faster. I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for months now but the main problem has been that most of our members are inactive, which is about to change with the headcount and gaining more active members. However, those aren’t just the only factors that are holding us back.

As Deia has pointed out, we need to brainstorm ideas so we know what we’re going to do next in the rebellion. We can’t get the rebellion going without having some clue about what’s going to happen next. I recall Deia mentioning that posts we need to do include: Arynthya getting Helen involved in the rebellion soon and that we should have some kind of secret meeting to plain and organize the rebellion, such as deciding who is going to play what role in the rebellion (like who is going to be a spy and such). Right, oh, and is there anything else that I forgot to mention, Deia?

P.S. Since I’m on break, I’ll have more time to organize Cast Lists, such as the Rebellion Committee List, which I’ll be posting here soon enough.


Adeia said...

*LOL*, I've been pressuring us to organise a meeting of the rebellion committee eventually. I think it will be important for all the characters to see who is on their side, and the scale of the whole operation. Problem is, most of the characters listed in the comittee haven't been recruited into the rebellion yet...What I think we need to do is to tell members to start posting about getting involved, or thinking about how they get initiated, or something like that.

Arynthya said...

I’ve been trying to write a post for Arynthya for the longest now (it seems like forever!), so hopefully I can get inspired very soon and post while I’m on break. Actually, the post I’ve been trying to write is rebellion related, so perhaps that can move us more toward your idea, Deia! My post can set up the meeting of the rebellion committee, at least the major players like the rebellion coordinators with Troy and our allies. And, yes, I agree; we need to inform members to start posting about getting involved in the rebellion!