Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stay With me~ Dont leave me ~ Laila Post KOC

Laila watched her new master leave the tent as she stayed huddled in the corner with her knees up and her chin to her knees. Her fair skin showed underneath her clothing and she winced uncomfortably. At least her new master had yet to hurt her. Tubert would have either raped her or harmed her in another way by now. Tubert also would not have left so fast. For a little while, Laila sat in the corner waiting for Lord Kaif to return even though he had said he would not return until night fall. When she realized he was not coming, she slowly stood up and wandered around the tent. As a child she had loved to explore new places and even has a young adult she had loved to explore. Tubert had taken away everything she had loved to do. Tubert had taken Laila’s very soul away and she half wondered if she would ever get it back again.

Wandering over to the mats, Laila sat back down. Once again she brought her knees up and aimlessly played with the trim on the bottom of her cloak. She didn’t have any other clothing to wear but what was given to her.

Standing in front of a waterfall in the rain, Laila held tightly onto her fiancé’s hands.. “ Stay with me.” She whispered as he traced her lips gently. “ Don’t leave me.” Her eyes were filled with tears she loved him so fiercely that it hurt. She had built her whole world around this man and had fallen madly in love with him. She looked deeply into his eyes. “ Please, don’t leave.”

“It’s only for the night Laila.” The man said softly his strong hands on her cheeks. “We wont be parted for more then two days.”

“But what if we never see each other again?” She asked uncertainly, leaning in closer to him.

“Laila, I am only going into Glastonbury, what can possibly happen that would separate us so severally?” The man asked gently as he brought her in closer to him, wrapping his big strong arms around her.

“I’ve had such horrible nightmares the past few days. Fire raining from the skies and such horrible screams. Please, don’t leave me. Dreams like that are never a good omen.” Laila said drawing closer into her fiancé’s arms.

“Sh… It will be alright. Dreams are only just that.” The man whispered softly brushing his hands through her hair. “I promise that we will be together again tomorrow night.” The man said as he gently let her go. “This was my mother’s. Keep it safe for when I return.” He whispered giving her a beautiful sea stone made of fine glass and crystals. Laila knew how much the item meant to her fiancé and she clutched it closely as she watched him go. Not wanting him to leave. She fell to her knees tears spilling from her eyes afraid of never seeing him again. Even though the promise of tomorrow was near.

Tiny tears spilled down her cheeks as Laila opened her hands and let the silver chain fall that held the sea stone pendant in her hand. Somehow she had kept it hidden from Turbert and Saladin. The slave traders even Kaif.

He was still out there, that much she was certain of. Though the hope that he would find her had vanished a long time ago, Laila clung to the memories she had of him. She silently traced she pendant as she had so many times since that night.

“Don’t leave me…” She whispered so softly tracing the stone. She could almost see his face and feel his strong arms around her. She could hear his gentle, warm voice. Her mind was so lost in a trance of long ago memories that she did not notice how much time had past. Nor noticed who came in and out of the tent. For a small amount of time, she was back at the waterfall in Glastonbury wishing for him to return.

( Written to Stay With Me by Danity Kane)

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